Product Name: Flambor

Product Type: Dual purpose fire retardant and preservative treatment for timber

Description: FLAMBOR is a dual purpose aqueous chemical system which contains both a borate based wood preservative (TOPRO 94) and a phosphate based fire retardant (FYRECON) for timber treatment. FLAMBOR provides permanent and wide spectrum protection against biological attack and also imparts a high degree of fire retardation to treated timber by standard pressure impregnation. The wood preservative component of FLAMBOR is based on a mixture inorganic borates complying with the requirements of SABS 871, Type II. Boron compounds for timber preservation are widely accepted throughout the world and the retention levels required in terms of SABS specifications exceed the minimum specified in the in AWPA C31 (The American Wood Preservers Association Standards). Borates are known fire retardants and because of the synergism between the wood preservative and the fire retardant’s active ingredients, excellent fire retardancy of treated timber is obtained.

Active Ingredients: Borates, Phosphates, Amides, Alcohols


Appearance: Clear Liquid

Solubility: Water Soluble

Density@20ºC: 1,0 – 1,05

P.H.: 3,5

Test Reports: Tested in accordance with SABS 0177 Part II (BS 476 equivalent) 30 minutes Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) CSIR Contract Report No. BF 502/063 5600 5664

Use Restriction: For industrial use – suitable for interior applications with no ground contact (CLASS H2) and also exterior applications with no ground contact (CLASS H3), provided a water repellent is applied.

Application: By pressure impregnation of seasoned and semi-seasoned timber In accordance with SABS code of practise 05.

Application Rate: 5,325kg TOPRO 94 plus 25 litres FYRECON per cubic meter of timber.

Dilution Rate: Typically used at boric acid equivalent mass concentrations ranging from 16,7g/l to 25,0g/l and FYRECON volume concentrations ranging from 83,3ml to 125,0ml/l


FLAMBOR is a one step dual-purpose timber treatment product imparting both fire retardancy as well as wide spectrum protection against biological attack.


  • A timber structure treated with FLAMBOR achieved a 30 minute fire Resistance Rating (FRR)
  • meets wood preservative requirements in terms of SABS 05, 1288 and 457
  • environmentally friendly/acceptable
  • utilises standard pressure impregnation processes and treatment facilities
  • one step treatment process does not alter the natural colour of the wood
  • simple on site quality control procedures
  • quality assurance by the CSIR and SABS
  • treated timber compatible with most wood stains and paints
  • patent pending
  • savings on insurance premiums of structures treated with FLAMBOR
  • no health risks associated with chemicals used in the treatment process
  • longer lifespan of treated structures


FLAMBOR is a dual-purpose aqueous chemical system which contains both borate-based wood preservative and phosphate based fire retardant for timber treatment. The FLAMBOR system is formulated and prescribed at retention levels that provide optimum protection against biological degradation and fire. FLAMBOR treated timber is colourless and clean. It has little effect on wood strength and once dry it does not cause corrosion of metal fittings and fastening. The treated timber is less susceptible to shrinkage and swelling once dried to equilibrium moisture content levels because of the wood moisture stabilisation properties imparted by the product’s composition. Drying effects are also reduced as a result.


The chemical composition of FLAMBOR allows for easier penetration of the active ingredients into the wood. Lower impregnation pressures and faster production turnaround times are therefore possible without sacrificing penetration and retention requirements. Even timber at relatively high moisture contents can be treated effectively. Fresh cut timber can generally be treated with FLAMBOR within 2 weeks of normal air-drying. This means a significant reduction in the air drying time normally required for impregnation with most other wood preservatives.


The FLAMBOR active ingredients are based on compounds of low mammalian toxicity and treated timber is safe to handle, process, and expose of. FLAMBOR does not contain any heavy metal and poses no persistent environmental pollution threats. In fact, all active ingredients contained in FLAMBOR are also used in the manufacture of fertilizers that promote plant growth.