Product type: Dual-purpose aqueous chemical system, which contains phosphate based fire-retardants and borate-based preservatives. Micon THATCHBOR FR provides permanent and wide spectrum protection against biological attack and imparts fire retardation of grass/reed.

Good Thatching: It is crucial that the thatch roof construction complies with the Practice CSIR or equivalents, “Guidelines to good thatching practice”, as fire performance is also dependant on the construction of the roof.

Quality Control: Quality control procedures are of a high standard and all batch numbers are recorded for each completed contract and both the CSIR and Micon Coatings keep copies of certificates.

Application : Pre-treatment of thatch by vacuum impregnation

Certification : As the purpose of Micon THATCHBOR FR is to provide vital protection in the event of a fire, Micon offers a certificate for each contract. The homeowner, developer, architect, or building control officer can request a copy of the document.


  • Properties Test Methods
  • Fire Tests DIN, UL (modified), ASTM E108, UNE-ENV1187:2003/A1:2007
  • Weathering CSIR, UL (modified)
  • Biological CSIR
  • CSIR test report numbers BF 502/070 5600 5664 (Large and small scale testing)


  • Appearance: Clear Liquid
  • Solubility: Soluble in water
  • Density@20ºC: 1,16
  • P.H: 3,5


Micon Thatchbor FR


Micon THATCHBOR FR is a one-step dual-purpose treatment product now available to potential thatch owners who require the both the benefits of a biological preservative as well as fire retardancy protection.

Micon THATCHBOR FR benefits include:

  • Fire safety assurance together with prolonged durability against fungal decay (especially in humid climates) and insect attack
  • Tested in accordance with CSIR, DIN, UL (modified) and ASTM E108 requirements pre-treatment of the grass/reed by a impregnation process ensuring total thatch layer protection
  • Proper control of active ingredients uptake and retention levels
  • Permanent once-off treatment only
  • Minimal effects of leaching as active ingredients are deposited inside the stem of the stem
  • Reduction of allergens, the cause of many allergies in humans
  • Quality assurance monitored by the SABS, CSIR and Micon
  • Environmentally safe
  • Patent pending
  • Globally unique product and process
  • Decreased insurance premiums


Micon THATCHBOR FR is a dual-purpose aqueous chemical system that which contains both a fire retardant and borate based biological preservative. Boron compounds for preservation are widely preferred by international environmentalists. In addition, borates are known fire retardants and because of the synergism between the preservative and fire retardants active ingredients,
excellent fire retradancy is obtained for the life of the structure.


Micon Thatchbor FR



Micon THATCHBOR FR is a once off pressure impregnation process that ensures full protection throughout the full depth of the thatch roof. An innovative aspect of the product is the treatment process. The natural wax layer on the surface of the grass/reed prevents absorption of chemical products into the stem. The chemical composition of Micon THATCHBOR FR has been specially developed for impregnation, which facilitates penetration right to the heart of the grass stem thus providing full treatment of the grass/reed. Micon THATCHBOR FR is the perfect partner for FLAMBOR. The two products providing the perfect protective combination thatch and timber structures.


The Micon THATCHBOR FR active ingredients are based on compounds of low mammalian toxicity and treated thatch is safe to handle, process, and dispose of. Micon THATCHBOR FR does not contain any heavy metals and pose no persistent environmental threats.


Micon Thatchbor FR